Monster and Friends - Episode 44 (With J.Lately Broadcasting Live From The Bourne Madd Tour)

Two episodes in a week  that is a first on the Monster and Friends Podcast. This special episode drops on the day of guest's new album release, Let's Just Be Friends.  I present to y'll my homie J. Lately. I spent a lot of time with this dude in the back of the van. I also learned how to make my set more dynamic from watching him perform.  This dude is legit and most importantly he's just a cool dude to just talk to.  Make sure to cop his album and watch food with friends.  Also we are debuting two new tracks from his latest release.  

Songs of The Week  J.Lately - Can't Go For That Ft Von Pea

J.Lately-  I Miss You Ft Chamluther Vandross

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